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The sacred, profound, and mundane are one and the same. It is one’s perspective and state of being that determines what is activated and revealed. This dynamic is the essence of my work. Through my training and art offerings, I aim to give reverence to the sacred and illuminate the profound by utilizing, embracing, and celebrating the mundane.

Early in my path I felt and believed that there is an underlying essence that connects all cultivation practices and embarked on a quest to illuminate and share this essence. My cultivation path has been shaped and defined by martial, healing, meditation, and shamanic arts. As I progressed in my practices, I quickly realized that this unifying essence is very difficult to grasp and articulate. To make this unifying essence more tangible and visible, I have distilled all of my practices, arts, and studies to key movements, practices, and principles. These elements now function as the building blocks for efficient human movement and the unlocking of human capacities. With these building blocks you will be able to engage, go deep into, and possibly evolve any cultivation path (ancient or contemporary).

All of my offerings are infused with the spirit of this journey to date. I will continue to refine and share the fruits of my journey to the best of my abilities. Whether you are training with me or interacting with my art, the unifying essence of all cultivation paths is meticulously woven into your experience on many levels.

I wish you well and hope that my offerings are helpful in your journey. Enjoy your cultivation and all that you do.