The Anatomy of Integrity

2015, Honolulu, Hawaii Presentation for the Hawaii Wealth Summit on how to cultivate integrity. Content of the presentation was taken from my written work titled The Anatomy of Integrity. Special thanks to Paul Xavier and the coordinators of the Hawaii Wealth Summit for inviting me to be a part of the event. Photo credit: Luis Silos

The Way of the Sword

2016 / 2017, Honolulu, Hawaii 12 consecutive nights of training that explored the spectrum of swordsmanship from survival to spiritual cultivation. Each night built upon the previous and covered postures, movements, applications, principles, philosophies, and history. The workshop took place from December 26, 2016 to January 6, 2017 and included a special new year’s blessing […]

Fire Strength

2016, Tarifa, Spain One week immersive retreat that explored the spectrum of human development from survival to spiritual cultivation. Through fire, one of the most fundamental forces of life, participants experienced how to thrive with nature as our ancestors did. Activities included how to make fire with sticks, how to fashion tools from things found […]

Art & Spirituality

2016, Edinburgh, Scotland All day workshop that focused on the core principles and relationship of spiritual cultivation and art. Participants experienced this through the creation of sacred circles and the tracing of ancient sacred sutras. Special thanks to Simply Hoetsu for organizing and hosting this event. Photo credit: Angie Tsak

Thriving Movements

2016, London, England Two day workshop series consisting of six classes. The purpose of this series was to provide a new perspective and approach to movement in training and daily life. Participants experienced a variety of applications of simple movement sets that improved body awareness, balance, mobility and strength, health, and wellness. Topics covered in the […]

Well-Being & Integrated Living

2017, Nairobi, Kenya Private presentation on integrated living and well-being that focused on clarity, skillful communication, and stress management. This event was part of a 2 day work retreat for the Nairobi office of US Aid. It was a true honor and pleasure to be able to share my work with such wonderful people. Special thanks […]

Sacred Journey 2017, Tibet Three week retreat in Tibet to offer prayers and study sacred spaces, places, and rituals through full immersion. The journey began with a week of acclimation in Xining, China before taking a train to Lhasa. We then drove across the country starting from Lhasa to Shigatse and continued on to Everest Base […]

Sacred Fire

2018, Meopham, England Mini retreat and social gathering held during the summer solstice to share the significance of fire in self cultivation and sacred practices. Topics of discussion included the evolution of sacred cultivation practices, what makes a cultivation practice sacred, the relevance of these practices in today’s world, and the role of fire and […]

The Essence of Bagua

Workshop tour that focused on the core principles and movements of Bagua, a martial art known to be very complex, sophisticated, and deep. Through physical movements and applications, attendees experienced how martial arts, meditation, healing, spiritual, and well-being practices are connected. Workshops were done in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Tokushima. The Tokyo workshops had a special […]

Cultivating Well-Being & Vitality

Farnsworth Orthopedic Physical Therapy 342 N Val Vista Dr., Ste. 106, Mesa, AZ, United States

A 3 hour in person immersive workshop that will cover key principles and elements for daily well-being and vitality. You learn how your physical body, your non-tangible parts of your being, and your environment are connected and how each influences your well-being and vitality. You will also learn how to use your body to access, […]

The Link Between Martial Arts & Well-Being

The Lodge.Space 120a Lower Road London, United Kingdom

One day workshop that will focus on the building blocks of well-being and vitality. These building blocks also serve as the foundation for other cultivation practices (martial, meditation, shamanism, energy, and healing arts/practices). Key martial arts principles will be highlighted to reveal useful and valuable perspectives for other practices. The materials covered in this workshop […]

Demystifying Energetics

RC Studio & Dojo 720 Iwilei Rd. Ste. 403, Honolulu, HI, United States

2 hour workshop that will focus on energetic principles and phenomena that are key to cultivating well-being and vitality. These principles and phenomena are also essential to going deep into healing, mediation, and martial arts practices. There will be physical demonstrations and embodiments of everything covered in this workshop. As a result, you will have […]