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Training Offerings

My training offerings center around the cultivation of vitality and well-being. My approach is twofold:

Training with me begins with a simple set of practices that I call The Core 4. From here you can choose to progress on an evolving pathway to infinite possibilities. One of the main signatures and attainments of my training method is the ability to physically demonstrate and embody everything that is shared, regardless of how mystical or esoteric. As a result, your physical body is a key as it will be used as a gateway, reference, and anchor in this non-linear and multidimensional process.

A key principle that my offerings are built on is that we as human beings are shaped by what we surround ourselves with and spend the most time doing. My training offerings are therefore simple, formulaic, and applicable to many facets of life. The simplicity enables implementation of the training during high intensity circumstances and situations. The complexity and depth of the training is in the arrangements, applications, and perspectives. In addition to cultivating vitality and well-being, the structure and benefits of my training offerings will enable you to delve more deeply into and evolve your chosen path of mastery. I also offer deep and immersive training in martial arts, meditation, and healing practices.

Enjoy your cultivation and all that you do.

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