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Base Postures of a Human Being

There are three base postures of a human being; Standing, Sitting and Laying. 

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are continually cycling through these postures. There is a difference, however, between doing something and doing something efficiently. Our chances for survival along with the quality of peace and well-being we experience increase with efficient transitions between the 3 base postures. 

If, for example, we were awakened by a grizzly bear entering our space, a transition from lying to standing would allow us to get up quickly.  Transitioning from standing to sitting, enables us to duck if the bear swipes at us. To run away, we transition from sitting to standing. To hide in a low and small crevice we need to transition from standing to laying.

Although our physical safety may not be constantly threatened like this in our modern world, at the very least, tension and stress on the physical frame can be eased/neutralized through efficient transitioning. Other benefits include increased strength and alignment of the physical frame.

The benefits of efficient transitioning are not limited to our physical body. Emotional stability, mental clarity, and the honing of other non-tangible parts of our being can/may result as all the components of our being are connected. When engaging movement practices, focusing on the transition methods between postures will provide you with a basic framework for the practice and positively affect your peace and well-being. 

Enjoy your cultivation and all that you do.


Sincere thanks to Rob McMullin for assistance with this post.


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