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The Core 4 – Building Blocks For Well-Being & Vitality

The Core 4 is a series of practices, 3 physical and 1 internal, that promote well-being and vitality. Each practice is anchored by fundamental capacities of our humanity. These capacities include movement, mobility, consciousness, and our relationship to the three dimensional world. Each of these capacities is activated through standing, sitting, walking, and internal focus.

At first glance and contact, The Core 4 might not seem like much as the practices are very simple, mundane, and easy to learn. The principles behind the practices are also very easy to understand. As a result, a tendency to overlook and dismiss the practices may occur. With sincere and repeated engagement, however, you will experience how powerful and beneficial these practices really are. Mundane movements and postures are where the keys to our well-being and vitality reside. Repetition and attention is what’s needed to unlock our evolutionary capacities.

One of the strengths of The Core 4 is its simplicity. This is what enables you to integrate the practices into the mundane moments of your life. Understanding of The Core 4 will open you to all the many cultivation opportunities throughout your day. For example, walking around your home, to your car, or in a store is an opportunity to cultivate well-being and vitality by taking efficient steps. Once you engage the mundane moments of your day in this way, you will be surprised at the kind of benefits you experience and how quickly they occur. Transforming the mundane moments of your day into cultivation opportunities for well-being and vitality will also give you tools and skills to navigate the intense and chaotic moments of your life in a different and more composed way. (Read about Mastery Through the Mundane here.)

The benefits of The Core 4 are many. Some are tangible and some non-tangible. Tangible benefits include increased balance, flexibility, and mobility. Non-tangible benefits include centeredness, calmness, and a deeper awareness of yourself. One practitioner, a man in his mid 50s, shared that he was able to undo 30 years of wear and tear on his body due to high impact activities, by using The Core 4 as a daily practice for four years. 

The Core 4 is a distillation of all my training and arts into simple practices. It is not unique to any culture or style. This offering came about from my deep desire to share the benefits of all my training and arts in an easy, relevant, and accessible way. It now serves as the building blocks of all that I offer and is a gateway to going deeper into other (martial arts, meditation, healing, and spiritual) arts/practices. The Core 4 can be used in whole or in part as a stand alone well-being practice or a supplement to an existing practice. View The Core 4 here.

Enjoy your cultivation and all that you do.


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