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The Human Body is Designed to Move

The human body is designed to move. 

There are many components in our physical body that point to its intended design, such as; the articulation of joints, flexibility of the skin, function of the organs and tissues, and connectivity of the nervous system. Even if we wanted to, we can never eliminate movement from our being as there is perpetual movement within our bodies with no effort on our part. Processes such as breathing and circulation of blood are ongoing and keep us alive and well. Movement that is aligned with the human design, both intentional and perpetual, increases vitality within our bodies. When we stop moving and become sedentary, vitality decreases and atrophy occurs.

A common misconception about human movement is that only strenuous activities, like working out, are conducive to our health and well-being. This is not the case. Beneficial human movement can occur anywhere along a broad spectrum ranging from leisurely to strenuous. Looking at the big picture of human existence, working out at the gym is a new concept of our modern society. Long before gyms were developed, our ancestors were efficiently moving for their survival and basic daily needs. Our bodies are built to move in a variety of ways and in many environments, not just at the gym.

Movement is not limited to our physical bodies. The non-tangible parts of our being are also capable of movement. One can even argue that there is more movement in the non-tangible parts of our being than our physical bodies. Our thoughts and emotions, for example, come and go and change from moment to moment. These, and other non-tangible parts of our being, are intimately related to our physicality. For example, constant worry can lead to physical ailments whilst joyfulness lightens and invigorates our physical body. 

There is a deep connection and interplay between our physical body and our thoughts and emotions. Alignment of our physical body with our thoughts and emotions (and the other non-tangible parts of our being) is key to moving skillfully. In short, movement brings about vitality and well-being.

Enjoy your cultivation and all that you do.


Sincere thanks to Rob McMullin for assistance with this post.


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