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Sacred Circles

2009 – Present, Ink on paper

Original pieces done with one slow and intentional brush stroke. The process of creating a sacred circle begins with the recipient determining the meaning of the piece. Next, I gather as many references of the meaning as possible. I then use my movement, meditation, martial arts, and well-being practices to embody the essence of the meaning. When I feel the essence of the meaning flowing through me (in movement and meditation), I then begin to prepare my space and materials and proceed to bring the piece to life. Rituals, prayers, and blessings are done through each phase of creation with the meaning and recipients in mind. 

Various sizes available. Common commissioned sizes range from 30” x 30” to 48” x 48”. The largest piece I have done is 108” x 108”. Time frame for creation is approximately 9 days. Framing takes approximately 1 week.

Contact me for more details and commission inquiries.